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Remember our blog back in July when we shot On-Site Car Photography At Howe Motor Works? Well here is a spectacular image showing the finished product using two of the photos BP imaging took during that photo shoot. Our studio car photographer John Majorossy did a great job using his photo imaging skills to create this photo dedicated to the Volvo 1800 S. John decided to close crop the photos and have the main photo front and centre at 100& opacity with another angle of the car at a lower opacity in the back. He did a great job choosing the correct colours for the surrounding background that compliment and emphasize the colour of the vehicle without losing its shape and curvature.

Check out more post photography imaging work we have done in our Studio Motorcycle & Car Photography Portfolio, in our past blogs Muscle Car Photography of 2010 Chevrolet Camaro Transformers Edition and the studio car photography shot for Performance Auto & Sound Magazine (PASMAG) in our blog Honda CR-Z and Accord Coupe Photographed In Our Burlington Car Studio.

BP imaging Studio Vintage Car Photography Volvo P1800 beauty portrait

Muscle Car Photography – 2010 Chevrolet Camaro Transformers Edition


The owner of this 2010 Chevrolet Camaro RS/SS is all about Transformers and when he decided to purchase the car he made no mistake in getting the Transformers Edition. He also stated the rarity of the Camaro saying there were under 460 sport / muscle cars built with this set up and only 15 were sold outside of the United States.

Professional car / motorcycle photographer John Majorossy said he was planning to do a number of shots, but there was some difficulty in setting up the lighting because of the supple angles on the car. With John’s expertise in studio car / motorcycle photography, he did an amazing job and brought out the curvature and true beauty of the vehicle.

The car was shot in studio at BP imaging’s under the 10’ x 24’ controllable overhead soft box light and imposed onto a warehouse background using John’s talent in imaging. We all agree that the final product came together very well, let us know what you think! Don’t forget to check out BP imaging’s Car / Motorcycle Photography portfolio.

On-Site Car Photography At Howe Motor Works

bp imaging studio car shots vintage car photography 1966 volvo p1800 at howe motor works

On July 16, commercial photographer John Majorossy was on scene at Howe Motor Works in Burlington, Ontario taking photographs for a clients 1966 P1800 Volvo car restoration project. Looking at the before pictures we were quite amazed at the work that went into the restoration process. The pictures of the car shown here are after 3 years of restoration work with a fresh coating of paint. It was not optimal to photograph the car in the shop because of the mirror-like paint job, but John used many lighting techniques and his expertise to exaggerate the cars curves and beautiful colour without any unwanted reflections shown in the paint.

When the car is completed it will be brought to BP imaging’s car studio which has a 10′ x 24′ overhead soft light box and the latest in super high resolution cameras, being one of the few studios in Southern Ontario that can properly photograph a vehicle. For a variety of vehicle photography check out our Car Photography section on the BP imaging website and our past blog entry Cars Cars and Cars!

bp imaging studio car pictures classic car photography 1966 volvo p1800 at howe motor works

bp imaging muscle car photography 1966 volvo p1800 at howe motor works

Honda CR-Z and Accord Coupe Photographed In Our Burlington Car Studio

Recently BP Imaging photographed 2 customized Honda sports cars – the CR-Z and Accord Coupe – for Performance Auto & Sound Magazine (PASMAG). These cars were featured at the 2011 Toronto Auto Show. Click here for the full article.

With the expertise of our car photographer John Majorossy, and our mega light box in the BP Imaging car studio, these amazing cars were photographed to show many of the custom features. BP Imaging is the only car photography studio west of Toronto with experienced car photographers capable of photographing cars, motorcycles and trucks.


2011 is officially upon us and what better way to kick start a new year then to hit the biggest Motorcycle Tradeshow in North America!

The North American International Motorcycle SuperShow runs all weekend and we are setting up shop to promote our “god light” that we designed and built specifically for motorcycle and car photography.

Thanks to our friends at Bcreative for desiging and printing our amazing tradebooth – we are now all set to get out there and show the word what we can do with a camera and your ride.

Grab some friends and family and come see us! There are 7 Halls full of Motorcycle goodness, from custom and vintage rides, to shows, contests and a whole lot more!

Hope to see you all there! We’ll be sure to post our photos when we return!


What better way to gain exposure then to pack it up and take it on the road, and this summer that’s precisely what we did. In August, John Lynch and myself brought BP Imaging to MOPARFEST in New Hamburg Ontario. Now for any of you that are not familiar with this festival – it’s for ALL types of motor enthusisasts. Every year, make, model and colour (for Plymouth/Dodge/Chrysler/AMC/Jeep) were on display at this show, not to mention all types of parts and accessories for ANY type of car or truck. Its definitely a must see for any level of motorhead!  Read the full article…

Bike, Bikes & more Bikes

What good is having a custom built lighting system for car and bike shots, if we don’t show off the finished product?

Read the full article…

Cars Cars and Cars!

As you know a few months ago we installed a 10′ x 24′ overhead soft box in our main studio. This was a big undertaking and took a lot of work from a good deal of people. My idea behind the soft box was always to be able to shoot cars. Cars have always been my passion and I want to apply that passion to my photography.

Read the full article…

New 10′ x 24′ Controllable Soft Box Light For Car / Motorcycle Photography

We at BP imaging thought that now I should start to photograph car, trucks, motorcycles, and any other vehicle in between. In order to manage vehicles of different shapes and sizes we have decided to take on a project to improve the photographs that we produce.

The largest part of this project was the high scale modification to the studio, constructing and installing the of a 10’ x 24’ soft box light. This lighting system has 8 heads and can hold 4 separate power packs. It was not a simple task to install because of the large size and weight, but it was finally installed and looks / functions great.

Here are some pictures of the day we had during the construction and installation phase. and There are also a few test shots so be sure to take a look and let us know what you think.

BP imaging Controllable Soft Box Frame

BP imaging Car Photography Controllable Soft Box Frame Installation

BP imaging Motorcycle Photography Controllable Soft Box Frame Installation

BP imaging Car Photography Positioning Mammouth Soft Box

BPimaging Car Photography Soft Box Light

Bochsler Photography imaging Car Photography Soft Box Lighting Honda Accord

Vintage Car Photography Of 1968 Cutlass 442

Last week I got a great opportunity and was able to play with a Phase One P65+ and shoot some car photography. It is truly an amazing digital back. For those that do not know, the P65 is a 60 mega pixel digital back. It produces an impressive 175 MB file and is a great piece of equipment.

I was able to photograph the 1968 Cutlass 442 that you see below in our drive-in studio and the results of the images were outstanding. I want to thank Walter Borchenko of B3K Digital. He gave us opportunity to see what the P65 can really do with photographing car / motorcycles.

BP imaging Vintage Muscle Car Photography 1968 Cutlass 442

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