New 10′ x 24′ Controllable Soft Box Light For Car / Motorcycle Photography

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We at BP imaging thought that now I should start to photograph car, trucks, motorcycles, and any other vehicle in between. In order to manage vehicles of different shapes and sizes we have decided to take on a project to improve the photographs that we produce.

The largest part of this project was the high scale modification to the studio, constructing and installing the of a 10’ x 24’ soft box light. This lighting system has 8 heads and can hold 4 separate power packs. It was not a simple task to install because of the large size and weight, but it was finally installed and looks / functions great.

Here are some pictures of the day we had during the construction and installation phase. and There are also a few test shots so be sure to take a look and let us know what you think.

BP imaging Controllable Soft Box Frame

BP imaging Car Photography Controllable Soft Box Frame Installation

BP imaging Motorcycle Photography Controllable Soft Box Frame Installation

BP imaging Car Photography Positioning Mammouth Soft Box

BPimaging Car Photography Soft Box Light

Bochsler Photography imaging Car Photography Soft Box Lighting Honda Accord

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